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Dr. Yi Zuo

Principal Investigator

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Decipher the dynamic neural circuit in the living brain

The ability to learn new skills and to adapt to an ever-changing environment is vital for the animal.  To understand the neural circuit basis of such abilities, as well as the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms, we combine live imaging, molecular genetics, opto- and chemo-genetics, and mouse behavioral analysis to study synapse plasticity under both physiological and pathological conditions.

My laboratory is in UCSC's Department. of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology. The University also offers a wide range of shared facilities, as well as opportunities for exciting interdisciplinary collaborations. For more information about our research topics or how to become a member of our research team, please contact us.

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Emily Kogan joined Zuo lab.

Welcome Emily

Yi's interview


Check it out and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

New Grant for Ju


Congratulation on Ju for receiving pilot grant.

Effect of heterochronic blood exchange on the mesoscopic brain network in aged mice

SFN presentation


Congratulation on HyoGun for his first SFN poster presentation

Effect of rejuvenating factors on mouse cortical dendritic spine dynamics.

SFN presentation


Congratulation on Shaorong for her talk at SFN nanosymposium

Stress affect mouse mPFC activity and the performance in Attentional set-shifting task

New Review Paper


Check out our new review paper on psychedelic research

New Grant


Let's get the new project rolling.

New NIH grant on cognitive-affective interaction



Jacob transfers to PhD program.

Welcome Jacob

Zuolab Retreat


Fun retreat @ BearValley

Photos shared via Google photo, check them out



Hyo Gun passed oral exam.

Congratulation Hyo Gun.



Stefan Abreo joint Zuo lab.

Welcome Stefan.

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Contact Zuo Lab to discuss published works, talk invitation, teaching, collaboration, and hiring opportunities.

1156 High St, Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Sinsheimer Labs, Rm 201

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